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SpringWall for Riders

If you've visited a Pilates studio, you may have noticed several pieces of equipment available for working out on. Today I want to bring your attention to the SpringWall - another way to discover mobility, gain strength and have some fun while doing it!

The SpringWall is simple in design, but it has great benefits for riders. It is attached to the wall and uses leg straps and hand grips attached to springs...hmmm. We did say it was simple in design.


Want a leg up riders? Try the SpringWall.

First benefit: Your level of experience will not hold you back; it's suitable for all levels of experience.

Depending on the exercise, you can choose the leg straps, hand grips or rollbar. With eleven different positions for spring attachment, you can use virtually any position to vary the exercise challenge, whether it be for your arms, legs or of course your core.

Second benefit: Through the use of the springs, you'll find your body's core muscles being challenged to stabilize you, as you keep your body in position.

Third benefit: You actually control the challenge to your body. By positioning your body higher or lower, closer or further away, you can increase or decrease the tension and pull of the springs which alters the degree of resistance.

And just as you can perform a repertoire of exercises on the mat, so can you using the SpringWall. And all positions, whether it be sitting, kneeling, standing, twisting, planking - can be easily modified.

Fourth benefit: The springs are independent of each other, so you can move your limbs in different directions. Hmmm... that sounds a lot like riding to me! You can also move them one a time. This fact alone makes this piece of equipment especially valuable to riders/folks who have body imbalances. By allowing you to exercise one side at a time, you can focus on gaining more strength on your weaker side and therefore bringing both sides of your body into better balance.


A better version of myself...hmm.

In summary, if you're looking to increase your overall strength, muscle balance, connection to and awareness of your body, try the SpringWall today.

Along with the above-mentioned benefits, its adaptability makes it an excellent choice for rehabilitation and gentle strengthening, challenging any level of athlete.

After all, as riders we are striving to be the best version of ourself that we can be - right?

Enjoy your ride - enjoy your horse - enjoy your passion!


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