Dynamic Movement Chair


Seat colour choices: 

Currently available in Lake Louise Blue, or Red

Powder Coat: 

A powder coat finish adds even more durability to the aircraft aluminum base. It also helps to prevent chipping to help maintain a new, polished look.

Seat swivels 360 degrees: 

This allows rider to train their pelvis to move according to their horses movement. 


Easily adjustable height, to accomodate most adult heights.

CAD $ 325
plus shipping & handling

The WaveTM chair is super for riders. Here's why:

Simply put, it's the way it allows dynamic movement for the rider. The back and pelvic floor muscles responsible for natural posture lie deep below the outer back muscles and are called autochthonous - we cannot tense them up willingly, but we can address them with the WaveTM , for example. The joint of the WaveTM ® is embedded in the seat plate and represents the direct extension of the spine. It can move within its own structure because the torque lies within the human body.


The autochthonous muscles are thus trained. When moving on the WaveTM chair, the seat stimulates the acupuncture points that are on your seat bones, thereby additionally stimulating the functions of the back muscles. The pelvic floor muscles are also autochthonous and are sensitized by the variety of movement options of the pelvis. In this way, the digestive system and the functionality of the urinary tract can be supported and strengthened.


Three-dimensional movements
Using the
TM chair helps to maintain or regain the possibilities of movement of the hip or pelvis in all three directions (forwards-backwards; left-right; up-down: three-dimensionality). Human movements which are three-dimensional are sometimes hindered by blockages in the sacroiliac joint. The three-dimensionality of the WaveTM chair can restore and maintain the freedom of the SI joint .

Movement transfers within the entire body
The pelvis is the motor of the human body (Feldenkrais). Due to the variety of pelvic movements on the
TM chair, movements are transmitted from the pelvis to the head and feet. Not only is the pelvis trained, but movements are transmitted throughout the body. The WaveTM chair stimulates the muscles and joints of the neck, neck and legs via the pelvic movements and protects against tension. Existing problems can be resolved. The movements on the WaveTM chair can compensate for any muscular imbalances caused by one-sided activities in daily life. The high mobility of the WaveTM chair also has a stimulating effect on people's ability to balance.

Fascia training

The functions of the fascia are also supported. This physical network runs through the entire body from top to bottom, from front to back and from outside to inside. There are regular traction lines because they connect large parts of the body with each other. They have a 3-D structure and are constantly stimulated by the 3-D movements on the WaveTM chair.
Movements on the
TM chair can maintain the elasticity and the resilience and ability to regenerate the fascia. The functionality of the lumbar fascia, which connects the upper body with the lower body, is supported by the variety of movements on the WaveTM chair.

Warranty and Return Policy

Warranty Policy:

Since the Wave chair is made in Canada and the chair-frame is made of high-quality aircraft aluminum, you can be sure that the Wave is one of the most reliable chairs which will serve you for many years.  The Wave carries a  2 year warranty on the seat and a 5 year warranty on the balance of the chair. In case of any claim, please contact us via email.
For all warranty and after warranty repairs, the customer is responsible for delivering the chair to our store in Consecon, Ontario, where all repairs are happening and picking it up after the repair has been made. 


Return Policy:

If your Wave chair was delivered by FedEx, Purolator, or other couriers in the box, and you found out, that the chair is damaged right from the start, please report this to our us via email immediately, at the latest within 24 hours from the delivery. It is a customer's responsibility to fully inspect the merchandise within this time frame. Claims accepted after 24 hours of delivery will be subject to the Manufacturer's Warranty rules.
In case of some smaller issues that have no influence on the normal usage or functionality of the product, these are not eligible for the returns. 

All Wave chair returns must receive prior written approval. All returns must be in the original condition and packaging, including the original bill or invoice. Scratched or damaged chairs are ineligible for returns. 
Each customer is responsible for delivering the chair back to Consecon, Ontario.  Each customer is responsible for all shipping costs - there and back. A restocking fee of 20% from the original chair price will be charged. 

Made in Canada


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