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“You cannot learn to ride better simply by riding more. You must correct the rider’s ability to move with the horse’s natural motion to see real improvement in the performance.”  Eckart Meyners

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Our Clinic Goal

  • Our clinic goal is to give you creative ways to improve your riding, using Balimo principles and exercises.  

  • Participants have the opportunity to work on the Balimo chair - a unique apparatus used to teach riders to find their range of motion, and how to follow the movement of a horse, while continuously remaining in balance and correct alignment.

  • Clinics typically run either one or two days. All participants (both riders and auditors) take away increased body awareness and specific exercises to address their weaknesses or body issues.


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The Balimo program uses straightforward & easy to carry out exercises, encouraging riders to find new movement patterns. Through discovering new ways to move, riders find their correct, individual, independent seat.


Our  philosophy is simple. The more balanced (ambidextrous) a rider is, relaxed and flexible, the better that rider can move in harmony with her horse. To this end, we use mounted and unmounted exercises to stretch,  relax and/or strengthen the rider's muscles. Our aim is to give the rider new movement patterns (tools) to balance their body. For some exercises we make use of the Balimo™ chair, which is a unique apparatus designed to teach riders to follow the movement of a horse, to discover their personal range of motion, all the while continuously remain in balance and alignment.

These BALIMO principles are the cornerstone of each BALIMO Seat Clinic:

  • The rider must consider themself an athlete

  • Riding is about movement and motion

  • It is necessary to develop a feeling rider with a sensitive seat, as well as harmony between horse and rider, and

  • The rider must first uncover her own strengths and weaknesses; then design an exercise program that will balance her own muscles and muscle groups.

Upcoming BALIMO Seat Clinics 

Balimo Seat Clinic - 2024 dates and venues are in progress. Drop us a line if you are interested in participating in riding or hosting a clinic this year. Limited dates available.


Past clinics:


June 27, 2021 - Balimo Seat Workshop (Recorded)    

$35.00 for one hour recording - available on YouTube

Click here for more details.

Balimo Seat Clinic - October 18 - 20, 2019  

Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Testimonials from our BALIMO Seat Clinics

Testamonials from our recent BALIMO Seat Clinic in Nebraska (2018):

  • "Extremely helpful and educational - particularly being able to feel improvements immediately (will attend again)!"

  • "Learning about the canter depart exercise with the Balimo chair, made auditing the clinic worthwhile."

  • "Very kind, positive instruction, very useful tools to practice on my own."

  • "Loved it! Very versatile teacher - excellent with people. And really understands horses."

  • "Wonderful exercises for me - love the mat exercises."

  • "Thank you for helping - loved it!  Amazing changes in my horses trot..."

  • "Wanted longer stay with us!"

Host a BALIMO Seat Clinic at Your Facility

Joan travels to host BALIMO Seat Clinics, and has most recently offered clinics in Omaha, NE, Winnipeg, MB, and Kamloops, BC.  Please contact Joan Adler for more information regarding hosting a BALIMO Clinic at your facility.  

Want to see more photos and information about BALIMO Seat Clinics, see our Rider's Blog.

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