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Balimo Seat Clinics

Balimo stands for “Balance in Motion”. Based on the teachings of Eckart Meyners and his unique exercise program. Balimo promotes form that follows function. Each rider is a unique individual in body and mind. Balimo body work teaches riders how to develop strong, balanced muscles using exercises that enable the rider to move in harmony with their horse by unlocking points of resistance.


These clinics include a general group warm-up and unmounted exercise classes where riders are introduced to a variety of movements that improve fitness and coordination. The mounted sessions work to uncover the rider’s personal strengths and weaknesses. Depending on what is seen, Joan usually asks the rider to dismount, has the rider play with an exercise, remount and see if this exercise has made a positive change in both horse and rider. Joan plays with various exercises she feels will help improve rider harmony and interaction with their horse.From there Joan works with the rider to facilitate an exercise plan that will balance the rider's muscle groups.


Balimo clinics are also of great benefit to auditors. Auditors are encouraged to  participate in all unmounted exercises, gaining greater body awareness. 


On Meyners: Eckart Meyners is a retired professor of Sports Physiology and Movement at the Sports University in Luneburg, Germany. He works with the German FN (National Equestrian Federation), and has been instrumental in developing the progress of equestrian instruction, methodology, and rider training in Germany. He has authored several books, DVD’s and articles on the development of the rider’s seat and instructor education.


On Adler: Joan first met Eckart in Atlanta, Georgia in April 2006.  Fascinated by the progress riders made in a short amount of time, along with her own improvements, she continued to participate in training sessions with Eckart Meyners in Rhode Island, California and Germany. As one of 30 Balimo certified instructors worldwide, Joan has been teaching Balimo Seat Clinics in both Canada and the USA since she graduated from the Balimo Program in July 2007.

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