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About Joan Adler

Joan owns and operates a farm in Prince Edward County, where she offers riding lessons (ship ins only) while continuing to pursue her own riding goals.  Joan has her International Trainer A license (Germany).   She has trained with Martin Plewa at the Westphalian Riding School, Eckart Meyners and Hannes Muller throughout her Balimo™ (Balance in Motion) certification.  Joan had the opportunity to audit many European trainers and to train regularly with both Jane Rincker and Eddo Hoekstra.

Through her career, Joan found Pilates as a method to maintain her fitness. Pilates helped to improve her core stability and to maintain a better mounted position.  She was intrigued by the link and sought to become a certified Pilates Instructor (matwork), in order to provide similar benefits to her clients.  With this ever-increasing interest in body awareness, Joan studied  in-depth Pilates Instructor Training on the Reformer.  In addition, she studied Anatomy in Motion, Gait Analysis, Posture Analysis and several anatomy courses.

Joan has developed The Rider's Edge, integrating classical riding, body awareness and fitness using Balimo, Pilates and Franklin Balls. The Rider's Edge focuses on giving clinics and workshops, as well as having developed training resources (A Rider's Training Journal and  A Leg Up - Pilates for Riders) aimed to help riders realize the important role that body mechanics has on their riding, providing on and off the horse exercises to improve their overall self-carriage. This work has been very rewarding for Joan.

"In educating riders to be their best, we advocate for the horse and keep the spirit of this noble friend alive." J. Adler


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