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Postural Assessment and Therapy

When riding does your saddle slip to one side, or one stirrup feel too long/short? Do you fall forward on your horse? Is there discomfort in your body? If you answered yes, postural therapy may be right for you.

Lifestyle and activities can interfere with your body's perfect design and balance. Bodywork can help you regain the balance; postural therapy safeguards this balance, improving how you ride and feel in general.

Let us assess your posture and create a series of personalized exercises, specifically designed to improve your posture and regain your body's balance.

No need to travel...virtual assessments and therapy exercises are available.


Combining her bodywork expertise with the Egoscue Method, Joan will assess your posture and create a personalized series of gentle exercises, specifically designed to correct posture to help put your body back into balance. When exercises are done consistently, they become your plan for success.

Let us help take you and your horse on a journey that brings your riding into better balance.  

Initial assessment is approximately 1 hour; follow-ups are ½ hour.

We also provide assessments using mounted photos.

Let us help you to create better alignment both on and off your horse

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