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Limited Warranty Policy

The Wave chair is manufactured in Canada by The Rider's Edge. Its construction has been subject to stringent quality control and each Wave has been closely inspected prior to shipping.

The Wave Seat (vinyl and foam) is guaranteed for one-year under normal wear and use conditions.

The seat is made of marine vinyl, which resists mildew and mold, and can be cleaned with an appropriate vinyl cleaner.*

The Wave Base is constructed of aircraft aluminum and is guaranteed against breakage for the life of the chair.**  

Should repairs be required, the customer is to contact The Rider’s Edge. If deemed necessary, the Wave must be returned to manufacturer for repair. The customer shall pay the shipping costs for returning the chair for repair.

*To prevent damage to seat vinyl, avoid sitting down in clothing with zippers, metal or hard plastic. Breeches with silicone seat decor may cause dull rub marks to develop. Such misuse shall void this warranty. We suggest that if in doubt, you should place a slip resistant piece of cloth on seat.

**Damage due to misuse of the Wave will void this warranty.

Under no circumstances will The Rider’s Edge be liable for any consequential loss, cost, damage or injury arising from the use of the Wave chair.

Return Policy

Scratched or damaged chairs are not eligible for return. The customer shall pay the shipping costs for returning the chair. A full refund does not include any shipping fees.

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