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BALIMO Seat Clinic

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

What the heck does BALIMO stand for - you might be saying.

Some of you know it as simply BALIMO training, as the training founded by #EckartMeyners & Jill Hassler-Scoop. Some folks think it is only connected with the #Balimochair. And those who have attended Balimo clinics know that it is a play on words meaning #BalanceInMotion - and the training method made popular by Eckart Meyners (a movement specialist from Germany).

Joan uses the Balimo chair with riders, in an unmounted warm-up session.

Okay, now that we know what BALIMO means, let's take a look at what actually happens at a #BALIMOseatclinic instructed by #JoanAdler.


After being introduced to the BALIMO principles, riders and auditors are led through an unmounted group warm-up session. The remainder of the morning is spent discovering and developing #kinesthetic awareness, using a variety of exercises and props.

As a #motionmediator I use demonstrations to lead the participants, but then they are left on their own to make their own discoveries of what works for them and the challenges they are having on that day. We have a lot of fun during these exploratory exercises, as they can be used to find what is working, as well as existing imbalances. The exercises help to relax the atmosphere, and gives me an opportunity to use my #innereye to formulate some ideas of how I can best help the participants to find a new feeling, especially once they are mounted on their horses.

Now that we are all warm-up, we begin the mounted sessions.

First, we give the rider a few minutes to introduce herself and her horse. A moment for sharing her thoughts and goals with the audience.

She is then asked to ride for 5 - 10 minutes, as she would at home, using bending lines, transitions, gait changes etc. Her job is to gain a 'feeling' of how things are going today.Once again my #innereye goes to work - to begin to understand how best I can help the horse/rider combination.

Once the rider gains her initial 'feeling' and identifies her goals for the day, we utilize a variety of mounted and unmounted exercises to help her realize her goals. Some exercises are assisted, some guided - but always the rider must come to the new 'feeling' on their own. In this way, they can begin to develop their muscle memory and replicate the positive changes by themselves.

In the end, the riders come away with a new understanding of the simple words I use throughout the day.

Be ready to ride.

To find out more about BALIMO Seat Clinics, check our Balimo page, or contact Joan to find out how you can host a clinic at your stable (hint...she travels!) #wwwtheridersedgeca

At the end of our clinic, some riders are happy to take BALIMO to the extreme!

Joan Adler

Certified Balimo Instructor & Dressage Coach


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