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Give Your Riding

A Leg Up

  Offering the rider a unique blend of 

BALIMO, Pilates and postural therapy 

to improve movement and harmony

between horse and rider.

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A Leg Up - Pilates for Riders combines exercises and stretches to help riders improve their unmounted posture and fitness, making better the posture they bring to the saddle. 
Photographs and instructions detail the varying levels of Pilates mat and Reformer exercises, including swivel discs and foam roller, making this book a great guide to use at home, studio or stable. 

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$35 CAN

$30 USD


New stock  in  2024!
Available using Wave order form.

Limited stock remaining.

$475 CAN

$375 USD

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Dynamic movement chair: Improve your posture, range of motion and increase your core strength...and much more.



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